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ONE HUNDRED acre private property situated in the tranquil setting of Mount Cole state forest, just two hours drive from Melbourne.

LUXURY accommodation focusing on sustainability and working harmoniously with the land. We aim for low-waste, recycle, reuse and repurposing without compromising luxury and comfort.

CONSCIOUS TRAVEL has never been more important than now. By thoughtfully selecting destinations and businesses that embody and promote sustainability we can all work together to improve the health of our earth.

WE HOPE to inspire others simply through their immersive stay at The Glut Farm. The smallest change to live more sustainably, whether simply swapping clingwrap for reusable beeswax covers or starting a kitchen garden at home, all have a great impact.

HERE at the Glut Farm our guests can experience a conscious and slow way of living.

Beautiful images above by: Daniel Mallia 



Comfort, luxury and sustainability

CONTEMPORARY FARMHOUSE channels inspiration from modern European architecture yet blends beautifully into the landscape. 

IDEAL FOR friends, family or couples to escape the bustle of city living to reconnect and recharge.

ALL LINEN included in your stay.



Glut Farm is a working lifestyle farm. We have 100-150 ethical raised White Australian x Dorper sheep. We cap our flock at 150 to preserve the land and the ensure that the sheep have enough feed through the year. These are not wool sheep but sheep that are grown for their meat. They don’t require shearing because their wool sheds through the year.

Gardening is our passion and working in the garden is our happy place. We have an extensive kitchen garden which provides us with almost all the vegetables and fruit we need throughout the year. We grow these by chemical-free principles for the health of the land and for those who eat the fresh produce. We also have a mini orchard where we grow pears, apples and all sorts of delicious berries which you can pick fresh from the bushes!

We planted a 500 vine Grenache vineyard in 2016. The vineyard sits beautifully in front of the farmhouse paddock. These vines are cuttings from the original Yalumba Grenache vineyard (Barossa, South Australia) planted way back in 1889. We grow these vines by organic principles, not using chemicals. We are new to viticulture but we are kindly guided by our good friends Loique Allain and Chris Dilworth based in Hepburn Springs. Loique and Chris are the creators Dilworth and Allain wines, winners this year’s national Young Gun of Wine award.

We recently delved into the world of bees. Our bees were introduced into their Flow Hive mid 2020 and sits amongst our wildflower garden bed. We know how important bees are in the circle of life and we want to help them to thrive so that everything and everyone else can too.

We create and use our own mulch and worm farm fertiliser to maintain the health of our gardens.

Glut Farm will forever be a work in progress. We can’t help ourselves but to continue to expand our self-sufficiency capabilities in a sustainable way that reduces our negative impact on the land. We are creating a world of our own, a calm oasis in this ever crazy world, and we want to share it with you.