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Tips for cooking your homemade pizzas in the Glut Farm wood fire oven

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

How to make the best woodfire pizzas at Glut Farm.

  1. Set up your fire close to the opening of the oven.

  2. Make sure the fire is lit approximately 1.5hour before cooking your pizzas. This allows the oven time to built up the heat in the fire bricks. Check on your fire regularly to make sure it is still burning strong.

  3. Add more wood to your fire before the coals burn down

  4. Use fresh dough for your pizza bases (We have a simple and easy recipe for pizza dough-will share this soon)

  5. Sprinkle some flour on your pizza trays and on the marble bench.

  6. Roll out your dough balls and add your favourite toppings

  7. Place your pizzas on the pizza trays ready to put into the wood oven

  8. Use the brush scraper to push your fire to the back of the oven

  9. Brush the stone base clean before your add your pizzas.

  10. Use the pizza peel (The large paddle-looking tool pictured below) to slide your pizza tray into the oven.

  11. Position the pizza in the centre of the oven. Not too close to the coals and not too close to the oven opening.

  12. The pizzas can burn very quickly if you aren't watching them. You can turn the pizza in the oven to ensure an even cook.

  13. The pizzas can cook in 2-5mins depending on how thick your toppings are.

  14. Once your pizza looks ready, slide the peel under the pizza tray and slowly drag the pizza tray out of the oven and onto the bench. Be careful as the pizza and tray will be very hot.

  15. Use the pizza cutter to slice up your pizza.

  16. Now you are ready to enjoy your homemade wood fire pizza with a glass of Dilworth and Allain x Glut Farm rose.


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